Inpatient Coding Training

Inpatient Coding Training:

CCS stands for Certified Coding Specialist. This coding credential is provided by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). It signifies that you have met the standards as set forth by this organization to provide services as a medical coding specialist. These include having skills needed to maintain data quality and ensure data accuracy, also indicating that you’ve met a certain level of proficiency in medical coding.

Register today to train for the highly regarded CCS® certification exam! Coders who have the CCS® credential have higher earning potential than other coding credentials. The CCS® Credential is the Golden Standard for Facility coding (Outpatient and Inpatient).

CCS certification demonstrates mastery of medical coding in a hospital-based setting. It is widely recognized and can open doors to advancement to management-level positions or other exciting career opportunities.

AHIMA CCS Training

  • 1. ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS in Detail
  • 2. MS-DRG Coding in Detail (First time in India)
  • 3. Inpatient Coding Guidelines
  • 4. Complete 500 Medical Records coding
  • 5. Health Information Management in detail
  • 6. 2 AHIMA CCS Mock Exams
The Percentages represent the amount of the subject likely represented on the certification exam)
  • 1. Coding Knowledge and Skills ( 51.9%)
  • 2. Coding Documentation (10.1%)
  • 3. Provider Queries (8.9%)
  • 4. Regulatory Compliance (29.1%)
  • 5. Medical Scenarios: Inpatient (33.3%), Outpatient (33.3%), and Emergency Department (33.3%)