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About CodersMax

CodersMax is an initiative of New York Business Advisory & Corporate Services Inc. (NYBACS) is a full-service US-headquartered Global Business Advisory and Corporate Services company with presence in multiple geographies. We provide Business Advisory, Incorporation, Factoring Services, and Cross-Border Payment Solutions to clients across the world with a special focus to help small & medium businesses expand internationally.

CodersMax Plus LLC is an emerging training organization that offers Medical Coding, compliant Medical Billing (RCM). We empower our students with Indepth Medical Coding Knowledge, Complete RCM, etc and AAPC CPC Exam preparation.

Every time a patient is admitted to a hospital, or is seen in an emergency room, or has an diagnostic test like CT Scan, MRI Scan etc – anytime there is a patient interaction with a medical professional, a report is generated. Millions of Medical Records are generated every month.

The medical coder is the key person who transforms those medical records and assigns the Diagnosis ( ICD-10-CM), Procedure ( CPT), Supplies and Drugs ( HCPCS) Codes as per HIPAA compliance.

As long as people get sick, injured, or visit medical personnel for other reasons, there will be a job for a medical coders.

At CodersMax, our emphasis is on the importance of quality training. Our key people at CodersMax are certified, experienced medical coders.

Medical coding and billing professionals are responsible for ensuring that physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are reimbursed for their services. Medical coders translate medical records into the standardized numeric codes used to bill patients and third-party payers, such as Medicare and insurance companies. There are two distinct and important roles within medical coding:

Inpatient coders work with the records of those patients who are admitted to the hospital. Outpatient coders focus on records of patients who were not admitted for an overnight stay to a hospital.

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Why Choosing CodersMax Plus LLC

CodersMax is the medical coding school which has one of the highest documented passing rates. For the past 1 years, CodersMax has produced over 4,000 graduates and still growing.

CodersMax training system is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to get certified and be production-ready once they land a financially-rewarding career in medical coding.

Our program can help you get you certified and start earning an annual salary up to 25-30,000 per month, depending on your qualifications, experience, where you live and other factors.

We have dedicated instructors who will make sure that you get all the help you need while learning at home.

CodersMax believes that everyone deserves a chance at quality education. Study worry-free with various payment programs that we offer.

Work Environment

Medical Coders works in Healthcare department with Medical Records and Assigns the medical codes as per guidelines in the Health care industry or medical industry

Job Outlook

Overall employment of medical records and health information specialists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Establish a Promising, Professional Career

Medical coding and billing offers the opportunity to enter the growing healthcare industry in a relatively short period of time. The profession is a well-respected part of every healthcare system, and professionals in this field enjoy: A variety of advancement opportunities. A traditional schedule within the healthcare industry. The opportunity to earn a good living.

Medical Coding Industry Pay

The median annual wage for health information technologists, medical registrars, surgical assistants, and healthcare practitioners and technical workers, all other was $51,840 in May 2020. The median annual wage for medical dosimetrists, medical records specialists, and health technologists and technicians, all other was $44,090 in May 2020 as per the Medical industry records

Quickly Prepare for an In-Demand Healthcare Career

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, and many healthcare jobs require less than 4 years of education (BLS 2022). You can quickly take advantage of this growing industry with a career in medical coding and billing. Start training today and be career-ready in as little as 3 months!

The U.S. Department of Labor report on the medical records and health information technology field, which encompasses both outpatient and inpatient medical coding and billing, estimates:

A growing job market as industry employment is projected to grow by 20% from 2010 to 2020. In addition to these new jobs, there will also be open positions as people retire or leave the profession.

A high demand for coding services, sustained by an aging population and the increasing number of tests, treatments, and procedures.

With CodersMax medical coding training, you’ll gain the skills you need to pursue these growing opportunities within healthcare!

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life since students must join at Codrsmax to kick start their career in medical coding. The career guiding is superb.
Codersmax is must join academy for medical coding training. it shows how to start the career and how to grow in it
I have been trained at codersmax completely and the value they added in to my career is simply superb

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