Medical Coding Online Training Program is Right For You?

CodersMax innovative self-paced curriculum allows you to train in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, in as few as THREE months!

CodersMax Medical Coding online training courses are designed to train professionals for a career in the field of medical coding and billing. Comprehensive Medical Coding courses help individuals learn how to code medical records, prepare CMS-1500 claims and provide them with the skills needed for such careers. CodersMax students can complete the CPC test and get a certified credential, which is recognized by many employers and helps them land better jobs. CodersMax offers a 7-day free trial course, and graduates who complete the training can start their careers immediately.

CodersMax Healthcare Solutions was founded by Tapan Mishra, both former healthcare industry expert. CodersMax was formed with an objective to provide Best Medical Coders and Medical Billers to Industry as there was shift in the healthcare industry led to an increased trend towards outsourcing medical coding work. India became a lucrative outsourcing market. Lack of systematized training resulted in many Indians losing their chances to earn in this industry. Fortunately, CodersMax has taken steps to change this by offering a comprehensive and value-added training system.

Quality training will be the key to your success as a medical coder. CodersMax competency-based approach to training equips you with the precise knowledge and skills you need to succeed. The CoersMax training program consists of hundreds of exercises and actual medical records — each designed to build exposure to medical terminology, human body systems, and coding protocols. Our unique coding practicum consists of hundreds of hands-on exercises designed to prepare you for the real world.

CodersMax Comprehensive Medical Coding Courses cover the medical terminology and ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS coding, including HIPAA Compliance and Medical Billing.

CodersMax offers interactive course content and are regularly updated to reflect changes in the industry. This THREE-month program also includes One hundred seventy-seven hours of coursework. Its online training format is asynchronous, but all course materials are kept up-to-date and available for up to a year.

Students who complete the CodersMax program will be well-prepared for certification exams, including the CPC, CCS-P, CCS exams, which is the first step in a long-term career in the healthcare industry. Students can study at their own pace and can benefit from a support system that offers email, Robust learning management system and Whatsapp, access to tutors and instructors.

NOTE: Medical coding training is not for everyone. The field is highly analytical and productivity-based. Even a small error can lead to a huge financial impact, so it is crucial to have a sharp analytical mind. With a combination of a passion for helping others and the desire to help people, medical coders must have a high level of accuracy. This requires a focus on details and the ability to abstract.

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