Medical Billing Training

Accurate billing with processing of health insurance claims has become a very exacting process. Insurance plan options consistently change and expand. In this dynamic process, combined with modifications in state and federal regulations (and insurance), the health care industry is constantly challenged. You may have the skills needed to enter this field. Experienced medical billing-insurance specialists are in high demand, with some choosing to use those skills in home-based operations. This Medical Billing Course prepares you for those challenges and the opportunities they present.

CodersMax will provide the knowledge you need to obtain to become a medical biller and insurance specialist in the Medical Billing Training Module. It is used in physicians’ offices and institutions throughout the U.S. In a surprisingly very short time, you too can learn the fundamentals of medical billing and insurance processing with this medical billing course.

General Principles

  • • Health Care History & Overview
  • • The Specialized Language of Medical Billing
  • • Provider Structure & Protocols
  • • Hospital Billing
  • • Family Relationships
  • • Billing an Encounter
  • • Practice Economics
  • • Collections
  • • Medical Coding-ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS
  • • Medicare-Medicaid
  • • Fee Profiling
  • • Legal Issues

Medical Care Reimbursement, Health Organization Plans

  • • Insurance Claim Preparation-CMS 1500 Form
  • • Payer Processing
  • • Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • • Private Insurance
  • • Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare
  • • Workers’ Compensation
  • • Claim Form Analysis

Medical Billing Case Studies

After graduating from medical billing specialist school, or a home medical billing course, you will have the experience to enter this high-demand field. Some medical billing-insurance specialists even choose to use those skills in home-based operations. Our Medical Billing Class Online prepares you for those challenges and the opportunities they present.