CodersMax-Time Tested Solutions for maximum reimbursement ensuring compliance.

what we offer

  • • Medical Billing Services
  • • Medical Coding Services
  • • Medical Coding Auditing
  • • EM Auditing
  • • DRG Coding
  • • ICD-10 Coding Services
  • • Dual Coding (ICD-9 and ICD-10)
  • • HCC/MRA Coding
  • • Claim Adjudication
  • • Documentation Guidelines
  • • Claims Processing
  • • Denial Management

Why CodersMax

With an aim to serve physicians and facilities alike to get paid appropriately and be compliant, our services are available at cost-effective fees and act as a third eye to your revenue cycle management operations.

Headquartered in NewYork, CodersMax, LLC has drawn on the expertise of highly qualified and experienced individuals throughout the industry to bring you the highest quality and most experience possible.

The proof of coding and billing proficiency becomes evident in the amount of revenue collected. We are only paid when we collect. We aggressively appeal your claims to insure you are receiving every dollar possible for the services you have provided.

Our firm commitment to:

  • • Being responsive, knowledgeable and passionate about what we do to exceed our clients’ expectations
  • • Our culture of flexibility to fulfill our clients’ changing needs and demands
  • • Our strict code of conduct by protecting our clients’ and their patients’ confidentiality
  • • Continuing to develop our skills, tools, knowledge, and expertise that we may become our clients’ most valued resource.
  • • Positive and enthusiastic attitudes
  • • Our dedication to excellence in every task; small and large
  • • Our focus on our client’s needs always coming first

CodersMax Benefits You

  • • Accuracy and Quality
  • • Increased productivity
  • • 24-hour turnaround time
  • • Improved revenues
  • • Cost savings
  • • Team of certified professionals
  • • HIPAA Compliant
  • • Quick setup
  • • Detailed reporting and training
  • • Non obligatory contracts

Good business practices =Concentrating on your core competencies and outsourcing ancillary functions. This allows you to grow your practice by doing what you do best-Practicing Medicine.


  • • Practice Medicine
  • • Care for Patients
  • • Get Paid for the Services you Provide


  • • Provide professional, customized coding and billing solutions
  • • Increase your collections ensuring compliance
  • • Free you to focus on YOUR GOALS