CodersMax training is designed on Coding and documentation compliance which are the key to a successful practice of an auditor. We help you understand audit scope and receive the most benefit from audits. Learn with us to know the Principles of medical record documentation and instructions on how to conduct a medical record audit in the physician’s or outpatient office. Tips on auditing and documentation

  • Medical Records in Detail
  • HIPAA Compliance, Penalties etc
  • Understand medical record abstraction and identify risk areas to practice.
  • Understand what provider documents are and what will improve the provider’s documentation
  • Learn to improve the financial well-being as well as the compliance of provider practices
  • Get prepared for the AAPC Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) exam.
  • Learn Medical records in detail, ICD-10 Auditing and CPT Auditing
  • Gain knowledge on EM Auditing as per CMS and AAPC.
  • Update your knowledge on RAT STATS and PATH Audits.
  • Gain knowledge of medical coding and billing systems, medical terminologies, regulatory requirements, auditing concepts, and principles.
  • Identify medical record documentation standards.
  • Identify record retention standards-Medical Record storage
  • Audit forms, Surgery Audit Cases
  • 300 Medical Records for Practice
  • Other services audit cases (anesthesiology, radiology, PT and E/M other)
  • Identify and understand National Correct Coding Initiative and Medically Unlikely Edit risk areas
  • Understand the steps of the audit process and identify statistical sampling types and factors
  • CPMA is valuable to healthcare practices and organizations. They help keep healthcare providers out of fraudulent activities.

Objective of Course:

  • • Analyze and review documentation guidelines and elements for each level of service
  • • Understand the medical record review process
  • • Comprehend how to properly audit the medical record
  • • Analyze and report results of an audit
  • • Develop mechanisms for reporting and educating staff on proper reporting
  • • Prepare for credentialing exams

Target Audience

Coding professionals, medical record auditors, academic and organizational educators, medical insurance specialists, clinical document improvement specialists, medical staff, practice administrators, consultants, independent billing and reimbursement personnel, physicians and physician leaders in practice and hospital settings