Tips to Clear CPC Exam:

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In the AAPC CPC exam, there are a few things to keep in mind when managing time. First of all, you need to keep in mind that this exam is designed to last about Four hours. As a result, it is crucial to manage your time wisely, as the exam consists of multiple questions. If you do not want to spend an unnecessary amount of time on a single question, then you should focus on the other questions instead.

You should not spend too much time on a single question, as the test is long. It is important to spend sufficient time reading each question. To avoid wasting time, bring a timer with you, but one without a distracting alarm. Remember, the proctor will not allow you to use your cell phone during the exam, so keep this distraction out of sight. If you can, make a schedule to study.

To pass, you’ll need to score 70 percent or higher on all three sections. The examination is timed for five hours and 40 minutes. However, if you don’t meet the required score, you can retake the exam for free within 12 months of your initial attempt.

  • 1. The AAPC website offers several resources to help you prepare for the AAPC CPC Exam. The resources range from study guides to simulated tests, where people take the exam as if they were taking the actual certification. Another great resource is your local AAPC chapter, which offers simulated exams. You can take a practice test at any time and review your answers and logic behind them. A practice test under realistic time constraints will increase your efficiency during test day.
  • 2. Time management is crucial on the CPC exam. It’s important not to spend too much time on one question. Make sure to read each question on the test thoroughly, so that you can answer all of them. Taking a watch to monitor your time will help you stay on schedule. At regular intervals, check the time and cross-check how many questions you’ve answered. Don’t forget to adjust your timer if you’re stuck on a question.
  • 3. When attempting the CPC exam, you should take note of the number of questions you need to answer. In general, you should aim to score 70% or higher. A high score of 70 or higher is sufficient to pass the exam. The exam consists of 150 questions.
  • 4. The AAPC also offers online practice exams that simulate the actual exam. You’ll be able to take notes on what sections you need to remember and practice them.
  • 5. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with AAPC textbooks and review them during the course.
  • 6. If you miss a question, skip to the next block and come back to it later. And don’t spend too much time on any single question. Rather, try to answer every question in the exam.
  • 7. Have an in-depth understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. This is particularly important, because some questions on the exam explicitly reference medical terms, so you should develop a strong medical vocabulary and understand the underlying concepts in the manuals.
  • 8. For a better chance of passing the CPC exam, you should complete several practice exams before taking the real exam. The AAPC and Certification Coaching Organization both have online practice exams that you can take before the big day
  • 9. The best way to prepare for the AAPC CPC exam is to take several practice exams. Take each one like a real test, and treat it as such. Study the material thoroughly. Time yourself and make note of the questions you frequently get wrong.
  • 10. You should know how to interpret the guidelines and rules in order to answer correctly. You should also know how to recognize logic, purpose, and intent of various guidelines. Practice basic applications and responses to coding questions, and you should be able to answer questions on the sequencing rules.

While studying for the CPC exam, it is crucial to keep in mind that the AAPC certification is a prerequisite to working as a medical coder. Although a perfect score is not necessary for professional coding, 70% is considered a pass mark. Taking the test properly is essential as a mistake can disqualify you. For the best preparation, enroll in CodersMax Medical Coding Classes.